A Roku account gives you access to a stunning selection of movies, T.V. shows, music and more Roku channel stores. Roku devices give you access to 4,000+ free and paid channels, so you can stream almost anything. Create your Roku account to set up a device by entering the Roku Activation Code at URL to access to amazing selection of movies, TV shows, music and more from the Roku Channel Store.

How to Generate Roku Activation Code?

Roku activation code is case sensitive e.g. XR345. To get your activation code, checkout these steps:

  1. Connect your Roku device with TV.

  2. An activated internet connection is required.

  3. When you are connected to the internet, the device will attempt to install or update a few software.

  4. After the software is updated, Roku link code will be displayed on tv.

  5. Note the Roku code because you will need to enter the Roku code link on your account.

How to Connect Roku device?

  1. Create your Roku account by visiting

  2. Type the Roku activation code in space provided "Link Code".

  3. Click submit. The device will be activated soon.

  4. Sign in with the credentials you have created your Roku Account.

  5. After the successful completion of Roku device activation, you will be able to start streaming all the channels.

Add Channels on Roku Device

Add channels on your Roku streaming device with the help of these given below steps:

  1. Go to the streaming channels from the home menu.

  2. Click on the OK button on the remote control.

  3. You will be forwarded to the Roku channel store at .

  4. Now, you need to search channels.

  5. And select channels that you want to add and click on the OK button.

  6. Now, your channels have successfully added.