Roku makes it simple and reasonable to watch your preferred TV. Getting started with Roku requires an activation process. Get your Roku com code and enter at After entering the Roku link code you can subscribe to the channel of your choice. Roku Provide extensive list of channels and Movies of latest collection. To get a Roku Plus subscription you need to choose a plan at the time of selecting the payment method. Connect your Roku device with TV, Click Get link code.

How to link your Roku device using the page,

Device linking process is given below follow the given steps orderly:

  1. Login to the Roku com link account.

  2. Move to the Player section.

  3. Begin your search to find Roku com link enter code.

  4. Open a web browser and paste the URL, Roku .com/link.

  5. Type the code in the space that appears.

  6. Wait for a while until the device linking process complete.

  7. Use your Roku remote, navigate to the streaming channel tab.

How to Generate Roku Activation Code?

You will find the Roku activation code on your TV screen. It will be a mix of numbers and alphabets. You can find the link code on your Roku TV by using the following steps,

  1. Once you power ON your devices you have to establish an internet connection on your Roku device.

  2. You can connect your Roku device with an Ethernet cable or better to a wireless network.

  3. Type in the right password and establish the connection. After the connection is established, your device will look for any software updates.

  4. Once done with that, you will be taken to a screen where you can see the activation code that will be displayed right at your screen in block letters.

  5. This is your activation code or the link code for the Roku device.

How to Login the Roku Account to Access the Roku channels?

Follow the given below steps for more efficient working with roku streaming device:

  1. Go to the official sign in or log in to the Roku page and use the Roku account credentials that you have made via

  2. Make sure you use the registered credentials when prompted on-screen.

  3. Now, go to my Roku sign-in page and collect the Roku activation code.

  4. Just make sure that if you have not received the activation code just go to the player section.

  5. Note down the Activation Code that is visible on-screen.

Roku Wireless Setup

  1. Power on the devices on along with the router after connecting the Ethernet, where required

  2. The Roku logo appears on the screen and after that, the wizard starts issuing instructions beginning with the language

  3. For the Wi-Fi setup, choose either the WIRED or WIRELESS option for installation

  4. Enter the password after choosing the appropriate network name when asked to do so.

  5. Users may have to create a account to receive relevant information about their purchases and accounts

  6. An activation code generated for entry at to sync the account and the player